Learn from Dimitry


Everyone, I like you to meet our new member of the famaly.

Me and my dad today went for a walk in the nearby mountain, and right as we were about to leave some crack head threw this guy out of his balcony like a used rag. What a dick. anyway he ran our way and he hid behind my legs, so I said DAD! KITTEN! PLS! HOME! he said alright fine, atleast you’ll stop asking for one.BUT YOU’RE PAYIN THE FOOD!

I was so friken happy. And since I’m payin for food I got to name him.

Casual everyday name: Lanny

REAL NAME: Eyelander. yes I did.

You wouldn’t understand…

We’re at those times where the horse fandom is having one of those tumblr proms where they draw their characters in a prom. It’s not bad of an idea but for $#@% sake people stop looking for a virtual date!




Acid piss ain’t my problemo robato.

I love robocraft.